Plesk Central Login

About this plugin

Plesk Central Login is free HostBill plugin shipped with Plesk module for HostBill. It servers as really simple way for your customers to login to their Plesk hosting accounts by visiting one URL in your HostBill client portal. Essentially your clients just need to know their HostBill access details to login to Plesk

You can enable this plugin (Plesk Login) in HostBill →  Settings → Modules → Plugins  (ensure you're using latest HostBill and Plesk module versions)

How it works

  • Your customer visits https://your.hostbill.install.url/?cmd=plesklogin
  • If client is not logged in to HostBill → plugin will ask them to log-in
  • If client is logged in to HostBill, plugin will authenticate client in their related Plesk, and redirect them to it.
  • If client owns more than one active subscription, module will ask them to which installation they want to log-in

So your client does not need to remember:

  • Plesk URL their account is hosted on
  • Plesk username
  • Plesk password