Setup Overage Traffic Billing for CDN


I have a package for $10/month.

Can I say that the user can use 2 TB - if they use more than 2TB in the same month, they have to pay .08 cents. 


  • Setup package to use Metered Billing.
  • In Settings → Products & Services → Product Configuration under "Price" - select Metered
  • Enable Traffic billing variable 
  • Pricing Scheme set to Overage
  • For the first tier set Start QTY to 0, End QTY to 2000, Unit price set to 0
  • For the second tier set Start QTY to 2001, End QTY left blank, Unit price set to 0.08
  • Billing Type set to Post Paid
  • Generate Invoices set to Monthly
  • Fixed Recurring Fee set to $10