Migration from DirectAdmin to DirectAdmin2

DirectAdmin2 is a rewrite of DirectAdmin v1 module bringing a number of new features. Module uses different file name, as such its not 1:1 drop-in replacement and requires minor HB db updates described below:


  1. Upload/unzip v2 module to your HostBill server
  2. Make sure that the DirectAdmin2 module is enabled (you do not need to set up app connection for it)
  3. Connect to the database.
  4. You should run the query which is below.
  5. Once migration is complete deactivate old module in settings->modules


Migration from cPanel to cPanel2
SET @directadmin2 = (SELECT `id` FROM hb_modules_configuration WHERE `filename` = 'class.directadmin2.php'),
@directadmin = (SELECT `id` FROM hb_modules_configuration WHERE `filename` = 'class.directadmin.php');
UPDATE hb_server_groups g, hb_servers s, hb_products_modules p
SET g.`module` = IF(@directadmin2 IS NOT NULL, @directadmin2, @directadmin),
s.`default_module` = IF(@directadmin2 IS NOT NULL, @directadmin2, @directadmin),
p.`module` = IF(@directadmin2 IS NOT NULL, @directadmin2, @directadmin)
WHERE g.`module` = @directadmin AND s.`default_module` = @directadmin AND p.`module` = @directadmin;

If you do not have any program to connect to the database, you can execute this query using the command line.

  1. Log in to the server where you have the HostBill installation.
  2. Then use the commands:
use {$database_name};

Where {$database_name} is the name of the database you want to connect to. You can find the name of your database in the file public_html/includes/config.php

Then execute the SQL query that is above.