Migrating Enterprise Version To New Server

Procedure for migrating HostBill enterprise version onto new server / reinstalling enterprise version without data loss.

Before you start:

Make sure you've updated to the latest HostBill version on old location first. If you're unable to update (ie: you need to migrate because you use unsupported PHP version), please use this procedure below and step 11.

1. Old Server: Login to your HostBill server as root. Proceed to HostBill includes directory:

cd /home/hostbill/public_html/includes/

2. Old Server: Check database name to create dump of:

 cat config.php | grep db_name

Sample return: >$db_name = '1408513157';

From same file, please copy value of $ccEncryptionHash variable.

3. Old Server: Copy database name, create dump

 mysqldump --routines 1408513157 -r /root/hbdump.sql

4. Old Server: If you have some customisations done already or modules uploaded, backup public_html folder

  cd /home/hostbill/public_html/
  cp includes/config.php includes/config.php.backup
  tar -zcvf /root/hostbill.publichtml.tgz --exclude='config.php' .
Note: Consider creating backups of /home/hostbill/attachments and /home/hostbill/downloads folders, if you use support plugin and downloads section in clientarea already

5. Old Server: Store /root/hbdump.sql and /root/hostbill.publichtml.tgz in secure place or upload it to your new HostBill install server

6. New Server: install HostBill enterprise using installation command you have received after purchasing HostBill.


Make sure to start with clean centos install!

7.New Server:  On fresh install get new database name:

  cd /home/hostbill/public_html
  cat includes/config.php | grep db_name

Sample return: >$db_name = '1408513158';

Edit includes/config.php file, update  $ccEncryptionHash variable to value from old server.

8. New Server: Apply sql backup to new database

 mysql 1408513158 < /root/hbdump.sql

9. New Server: Apply public_html backup onto fresh install

   tar -zxvf /root/hostbill.publichtml.tgz -C /home/hostbill/public_html/

10. New Server: From /home/hostbill/public_html/includes/config.php.backup copy value of $ccEncryptionHash and paste into config.php file:

   cat /home/hostbill/public_html/includes/config.php.backup | grep ccEncryptionHash >> /home/hostbill/public_html/includes/config.php

11. Optional, New Server: Use this step only if you were unable to update your HostBill old od server to latest version

  • Download latest HostBill version from HostBill licensing portal
  • Unzip it somewhere locally on your computer, take entire /install folder and upload it to your new server, /home/hostbill/public_html/ directory
  • Visit yournewhostbill.url/install in your browser, and select "Update" option to update database to the latest version (replace yournewhostbill.url with actual installation url of your HostBill copy)
  • After successfull update, remove /install folder 

Final steps:

  • Verify ownership of files in /home/hostbill/public_html, make sure those match owner of /home/hostbill target dir (usually hostbill or hb_XXXXXXX)
  • After re-install directory of your HostBill license will change, which will cause license issue. Update license directory in https://clients.hostbillapp.com/ after fresh install