Admin DNS Zone Editor


DNS Zone Editor is a free plugin shipped with most of HostBill DNS modules. It allows your staff members to manage zones from Admin interface, without the need of any third party tools, or logging-into client portal.

Note: HostBill DNS modules provides client area zone editor with functionality similar to described below out of the box.

Activating the module

  1. The module is a part of HostBill DNS modules, select one you have access to within your HostBill Editions
  2. Once you download the DNS module extract it in the main HostBill directory.
  3. Go to Settings → Modules → Plugins, find and activate DNS Zone Editor module.

Using Module

  1. Proceed to Extras → DNS Zone Editor
  2. Select DNS App configured in Settings → Apps Connections that you wish to manage zones for:
  3. Module will list all available zones found in selected DNS server:
  4. You can:
    1. Click Delete to remove given zone and all its records
    2. Choose Import to move to DNS Import tool for selected App
    3. Click Account ID to visit related DNS account (if there is any)
    4. Click Client details to see details of a customer attached to given zone
    5. Click Add domain to add new zone for this DNS app.
    6. Click Zone name to proceed to managing zone records
  5. In Zone management you can:
    1. Add new record
    2. Edit existing record
    3. Remove records
    4. Enable/disable DNSSEC (if supported by DNS app)
  6. When adding New Zone you can:
    1. Add empty zone (with SOA record auto-added)
    2. Clone entries for zone from other domain managed by this DNS app
    3. Use pre-made DNS template, defined in DNS products