Private Products


Private Product module is simple in its concept, yet gives you new ways to sell your products. If you have products that you want to make available only for certain customers you can:

  • Hide those products for general public in Settings → Products & Services → Your OrderpageHide 
  • Make hidden products visible, but only for certain customers or client groups you've configured in Private Products plugin

Activating the module

  1. If the plugin is included in your HostBill edition you can download it from your client portal.
  2. If the plugin is not included in your HostBill edition you can purchase it from our marketplace and then download it from the client area.
  3. Once you download the plugin extract it in the main HostBill directory.
  4. In order to activate the plugin go to Settings→ Modules→ Plugins → Inactive, find and activate Private Products plugin.
  5. Once the plugin is activated you will be directed to Settings→ Modules→ Plugins to configure the module.
  6. To use the module select Extras → Plugins → Private Products

Using the module

In Settings → Product & Services select the product you want to hide from general view and click on "Hide" button

Proceed to Extras → Plugins → Private Products, where you will find options to add hidden products configurations/overrides. From the list of hidden products select those you want to assign to certain customers:

Next, click on "Assign clients" to select one or multiple customers who should be able to see those products in the client portal after login.

Repeat steps above for any clients/products mix you wish to have.

Blocked Countries

Blocked Countries section allows to select a product or entire orderpage and countries for which this particular product/orderpage would not be available to place order.
Customer would be able to add it to cart, but not order, or sign up with blocked country