Turnstile, a user-friendly, privacy-preserving alternative to CAPTCHA developed by CloudflareIt automatically chooses from a rotating suite of non-intrusive browser challenges based on telemetry and client behavior exhibited during a session.

Activating the module

  1. The plugin is free and available to all HostBill users. In order to activate the plugin go to Settings→ Modules→ Plugins → Inactive, find and activate Turnstile plugin.
  2. Once the plugin is activated you will be directed to Settings→ Modules→ Plugins to configure the module.

Module configuration

Fill in the configuration fields:

  1. Site Key - every widget has a site key. This site key is associated with the corresponding widget configuration and is created upon widget creation.
  2. Secret Key - the siteverify endpoint needs to be passed a secret key that is associated with the site key. The secret key will be provisioned alongside the site key when you create a widget
  3. Choose the Size
  4. and the Theme