Set Bandwidth overuse action per account

Action that is executed on bandwidth overuse can be controlled with account form components. If you want to enable it you will need to create a new drop-down form with those items:

  • Limit ports speed, with Value passed to App set to "limit"
  • Suspend account, with Value passed to App set to "suspend"
  • No server action, only notifications, with Value passed to App set to "notify"

Bellow you will find a json form configuration file that can be imported your Proxmox product, this will create an admin only field.

When importing or creating new field all accounts will be updated to use first option. If you import this file it will be set to Limit Port speed, if you need to change this do not re-order items but update first item Name and Value passed to App to the value that you want to be default.

 Download BandwidthOveruseAction.json