Private Network

To configure private network for client service you will need to assign some IP addresses to client, either manually or trough automation modules like IP Provisioning.

VLAN Isolation

To make this work you will need to assign client with separate IPAM list, and assign that list with unique VLAN in IPAM.
In your product settings Connect with App > IPAM:

  • Enable Vlan tag

  • For Client IPs select:

    • IPs assigned to this service - if your IPAM list is assigned to the same service you want to add private network, and you do not want other client service for this product to use those IPs.
      For example if you use Cloud Hosting and want each service to have separate private network.

    • “Example product name“ - you want to use IPs assigned to product named “Example product name“.
      For example if you use Single VPS provisioning and want all client services to have access to the same private network.

  • If you want to use separate bridge for private network, add Network Mapping for it with IP pool options set to All Unmapped Lists.

Automation with IP Provisioning

Create new IP Provisioning product and:

  • Select IPv4 Subnet size

  • Select IPv4 Subnet from IPAM, it will be used allocate smaller lists.

  • Enable Auto provision vlan

  • Select Vlan group from IPAM

In Proxmox Product > Connect with App > Client IPs select your IP Provisioning product.

With this setup clients can purchase IP provisioning services to get private network, you can offer this in a bundle or a subproduct for proxmox services.

Make sure that you do not use the same list that was configured in proxmox IP pool, IP provisioning will split selected list into smaller subnets and assign those to client services.

Bridge Isolation

You will need to prepare your cluster and create multiple network bridges that can later be assigned to clients.
In your product settings Connect with App > Network:

  • Enable Assign Network Bridge, and select which bridges should be assigned to clients.

With this setup provisioning will assign unique bridge to client profile, this bridge can then later be selected when creating new network interfaces from client area. Assigned bridge is usable for all client proxmox services.