Install PowerDNS with MySQL Backend on CentOS 6.6 x64


This documentation is outdated, and its advised not to use it. For latest installation guides of PowerDNS with MySQL backend please refer to official docs.

System Requirements

 Virtual Private Server(VPS) with:
 [] OS:           Linux
 [] Distribution: CentOS 6.6 Final
 [] Arch:         64bit
 [] Public IPv4 IP Address
 [] 512MB RAM 
 [] 5GB Disk Space
 Please use SSH to connect  to server. 
	# ssh root@[VPS's IP Address]


 1) Download "putty.exe" from 
 2) Open "putty.exe"
 3) Enter VPS's IP Address and connect.

Install wget

[root@server ~]# yum install wget

Set hostname for VPS

If you own domain: you can set your subdomain for PowerDNS to

[root@server ~]# hostname

Download & Run installation script

  [root@server ~]# wget
  [root@server ~]# bash

After Installation

  • Copy installation details output
  • Proceed to HostBill Admin area → Modules, use search to find PowerDNS module
  • Activate PowerDNS module
  • Enter connection details
  • Use "Test Configuration" button to check if module is working
  • Once App is added to HostBill you can define your DNS packages under Settings → Products & Services