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IPAM (IP Address Management) is designed to organize and track IP addresses in your organization/company/department.

Installing HostBill

HostBill installation is fully automated and takes just seconds, more info at Installation

Download & install

  • After module purchase visit, log-in and proceed to "Services->HostBill Plugins->IPAM - IP address manager" and from left-hand menu choose Download This Product
  • After downloading, unzip archive contents in your main HostBill directory
  • Log-in into your HostBill adminarea, proceed to Settings->Modules, locate your newly uploaded module and choose "Activate"

Basic IPAM settings

IPAM comes with easy to understand options, with two major components:

Email notifications

On each IP/list action taken IPAM can notify certain staff members for audit and/or security purposes. 

Select staff members you wish to notify under Options->Send emails on IP list updates


Reservation Rules

Under Options tab you can also find reservation rules option, when enabled it will automatically apply certain rules to IP list on subnet provisioning

When assigning whole IP list this option will automatically reserve IPs based on rules below. You can use 'n' and 'm' variables to define list starting & end points, example: 
- 'n+1' will reserve second ip 
- 'm' will reserve last ip


Setting up Reverse DNS

IPAM module can work with PowerDNS module, allowing your colocation/dedicated customers to manage their PTR records directly from clientarea.

To enable rDNS management in HostBill

  • Go to Settings->Modules and enable PowerDNS module
  • Configure connection to your DNS server in Settings->Apps
  • Enable Reverse DNS in Product->Client functions for your Colo/Dedi packages
  • Visit Extras->IPAM->Reverse DNS
  • Under your dedicated servers/colocation products enable Reverse DNS client function in product configuration
  • Create general DNS zone for or /24 subnet specific (like for
  • Clients that have packages with IPs assigned in (Account details)->IPAM tab will now be able to manage their rDNS records
  • Additionally, anytime you'll edit rDNS column in IPAM plugin, it will send updated record to DNS module


Setting up IP Provisioning

To enable IP Provisioning: 

  • Visit Settings->Modules and activate IP_Provisioning module
  • You will be redirected to Settings->Apps to setup new connection, its for informational purposes, only name is required
  • Proceed to Settings->Products & Servicesadd new Order Page for IP addresses, product type: Other
  • Add new product in newly created orderpage
  • Under Connect With App tab select IP_Provisioning module
  • Setup subnet sizes you wish your client receive after purchasing this package


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