Using Ubiquiti mFi data for Power Billing


PDU_SNMP module that is a part of Colocation Manager and is shipped with Ubiquiti mFi Driver, that can allow you to bill for power consumption measured by Ubiquiti mFi-CS sensors.


To add your Ubiquiti mFi Controller installation and fetch amperages for power billing:

  1. Add PDU_SNMP app in Settings → Apps as any other PDU connection
  2. From Devices select "ubiquitimfi"
  3. In IP address provide your Ubiquiti mFi installation host
  4. In Read Community enter your mFi username
  5. In Write Community enter mFi password
    1. Enter voltage for this connection.
    2. Enter power factor (default 1.0)
    3. Select number of phases that should be considered during power calculation