Log-in with Google


 Login with Google (SSO_Google) plugin is a part of Cloud signup module v2. Once enabled it will allow your customers to:

  • log-in to your HostBill client portal using Google (provided that they're already registered with you using the same email address as in Google)
  • sign-up in your HostBill using cloud signup form and/or regular login form (only if Cloud Signup module is active)

Module configuration

  1. Activate SSO_Google module in your HostBill in Settings → Modules

  2. Obtain App ID and App Secret:
    1. Go to the https://console.developers.google.com/apis/api/plus/overview - to enable Google + API you will need to create new project:

    2. Create a new Google Project with your desired name like HostBill Login

    3.  When project is created, select it and enable Google + API, next go to Credentials page.

    4. When creating new credential, select OAuth client ID

      Obtain Authorized Redirect URIs from HostBill → Settings → Modules → SSO_Google

      Enter Client ID and Secret into HostBill module configuration:

  3. If everything is configured properly, once user attempts to log-in he/she will be presented with this screen upon logging in through Google: