Setup OnApp Bandwidth limits


  • OnApp does not cap traffic speed for VMs that has reached their monthly traffic limit
  • Once customer meets his monthly limit, he should be able to purchase additional traffic on one-time basis


In product configuration go to Connect with App → Network

  • Enable option: Bandwidth limit to start traffic control on this package
    When enabled HostBill will daily check your customer's VM limits/usage
  • Setup Data Sent / Data Received limits, you can additionally setup unit (GB/TB) of those limit fields.
    Click on "Allow client to adjust with slider during order" to auto-create Component:Form for this package, that would enable customer to adjust this setting during order.
  • Enter "Capped port speed" value - HostBill will set VM port speed to this value, if its monthly traffic limit will be crossed

To setup additional bandwidth packages, proceed to Client Functions tab in product config.

  • Enable "Additional Bandwidth" function:
  • Click on pencil next to Additional Bandwidth feature, proceed to Options tab, here you can setup additional bandwidth packages offered to customer:


Your clients will now be able to setup additional bandwidth limits in Resources tab: