Setup OnApp Zone Selector


  • You have one OnApp installation, or you're just using OnApp Federation
  • You do not want to setup separate orderpage per each location/Hypervisor Zone
  • You wish to give your customers ability to select zone(location) during order
  • Zones are dependant - Federated hypervisor zone should use federated storage zone, you cannot mix local storage with federated compute zones


In product configuration use: Components→ Forms→ OnApp Cloud Selector.

This special form field enables your customer to select from one of available OnApp Compute Zones that you have available in your OnApp Cloud

To setup this field in your product: 

  • In product configuration, Connect with App, select OnApp Server to connect this product with
  • Select your main/default Hypervisor zone, do the same for Storage, Network, Template Groups etc.
  • Configure other product aspects, limits etc
  • Go to Components→Forms, Add new field with type OnApp Zone Selector
  • Setup field name, save changes
  • Go to Zone Mappings, click on "Load Available Zones"
  • Check zones that you wish to offer with this product, make sure to select appropriate storage/network zone mappings
  • Save changes
  • Note: If some locations should have extra fee for using them, you can setup those fees in field values settings

If you have your own multiple OnApp instances  that you wish customer to select during order, use OnApp Cloud Selector field instead