Support Tickets: Ticket Sharing

Notice: this feature is deprecated and no longer supported by HostBill

Ticket Sharing

HostBill is compliant with NetworkedHelpdesk guidelines – an initiative that allows you to connect multiple communication streams together to provide great customer experience. You can now connect multiple HostBill installations to work with other brands or branches in your company on support issues. You can also outsource your support easily to other companies – share your tickets! Ticket sharing feature gives you the opportunity for:

  • Connecting one or more HostBills to work on your tickets
  • Creating training environment easily, without giving access to main brand data to new employees
  • Connecting other helpdesks in your company
  • Being secure – shared ticket notifications are sent by HostBill master – source for ticket share
  • Easy sharing – with just click More actions → Share with #your_tag_name
  • Easy aggregating – shared tickets are marked by ticket tag. Remove tag = remove share

Ticket Sharing requirements

System requirements

.htaccess file

This file should be located in sharing/ directory in your Hostbill root directory

In case if your HostBill installation is not located in your site root directory, change:

to the location on your server, for example:

Enabling htaccess

If htaccess is not enabled and you have access to your server configuration files, edit your httpd.conf and change AllowOverride directive to All. You can find it under one of yours Directory tags