Fix blank pages issues

If you've ever experienced blank page in HostBill when submiting a form or visiting some section you can easily determine what caused this.

Common blank pages reasons

  1.  Low memory_limit Blank page may occur sometimes when placing new order, downloading pdf invoice. This is caused by generating pdf invoice that creates short memory peak, resulting in hitting php memory limit. To fix that: increase memory_limit in php.ini to reasonable value - over 64MB is always safe.

  2. Broken/missing ioncube leads normally to generating http 500 error or displaying information about missing ioncube, but it also may result with blank page.
    To solve that: Make sure you have downloaded and installed ioncube that suits your cpu architecture and php version - for more info about ioncube installation go to

  3. Missing or disabled curl extension. HostBill use curl a lot - its by default enabled in php, but sometimes its either not present or its in list of disabled_functions in php.ini
    To fix that: using phpinfo() or php.ini check whether curl extension is enabled, if not recompile php. If curl_exec is within disabled_functions list, remove it from php.ini

  4. Syntax error in email template. HostBill handles well minor syntax mistakes, if you've edited your email template and made serious mistake in smarty syntax HostBill may have hard time compiling such email, resulting in blank page.
    Mistake example {if $field_value=='MyValue}... (notice missing ' )
    To fix that: Check email template that should be send in section resulting with blank page (i.e. Your account has been created, new invoice etc) for syntax errors. Use preview function to check your syntax

  5. templates_c folder is not writable. HostBill keeps compiled templates in this directory, if its not writable it may result with blank page error.
    To fix that: CHMOD 777 templates_c

Remember to

  • Restart your httpd after making changes to php.ini,
  • clear your templates_c directory if your template changes are not visible