Configure HostBill to use Redis for caching

By default HostBill uses file system to store its cache data. Primary use of cache in HostBill is performance/reduced page load times. If you plan to use HostBill in HA (High-availability) setup, you may want to consider using Redis as your cache driver in HostBill. 

This guide assumes that:

  • Redis is already installed, configured and running
  • php pecl redis extension is installed

In your HostBill's includes/config.php file add following lines to bottom of file contents:


$config['HBCache.Driver']='redis';  // we're letting HostBill know we'll use redis for cache ...

//for tcp:
$config['']=''; // ... running on ...
$config['HBCache.Redis.port']=6379; // ... on port 6379

//or, for unix socket: