Support Settings

You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Settings →  General Settings → Support

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HostBill provides extremely powerful, flexible and feature-rich Ticketing and Support System. This section allows you to configure basic settings for ticket submission, ticket attachments and ticket import.

Available options

Attachment extension

Lets you define file extensions that are allowed as attachments to support tickets. List the extensions separated by semicolon (you can use Add Extension widget to quickly add new extensions). This list will be displayed in client area to hint which file types are allowed.

Ruleset behaviour

When "allow" is selected all extensions from the list above will be allowed and the other will be rejected. When "reject" is selected, all extensions other than from the list above (including no extension) will be allowed. 

Warning: Reject setting is potentially dangerous if executable/script is uploaded. Use it at your own risk. 

Max ticket attachment size

Choose the maximum file size (in MB) for ticket attachments. Attachments over this size will be rejected.

Captcha (image verification for creating new tickets)

Controls whether image verification will be forced before clients can submit a ticket. You can choose to:

  • Enable captcha for all users - all users, registered or not will have to pass image verification before ticket will be submitted.
  • Enable captcha for non-registered users when creating new ticket - only not registered or not logged in users will be required to enter captcha code.
  • Don't use captcha spam prevention for support tickets - image verification will be disabled for all users.

Html in imported tickets

Controls whether html-like tags can be used in imported emails. You can choose between following options: 

  • Yes, html tags will be displayed in ticket message 
  • No, html tags will be removed completely from tickets (this will strip everything between "<" and ">" tags)

Import "To" headers

List of headers to check for recipient email address when importing tickets. Headers are prioritized from left to right.

Import "From" headers 

List of headers to check for sender email address when importing tickets. Headers are prioritized from left to right.

Import time difference

Allows you to set minimum number of seconds between two messages from single email address that will be accepted. Messages from single email with smaller time difference will be rejected. Set to low value for automated notifications. Default value is 5 seconds.

Auto-update tickets listing 

This option allows to set how often admin UI should poll for new tickets/replies. Default: 15

Notify Contacts

This option lets you decide if you want to send notifications to Client contacts. Choose between three options:

  • Send all ticket notifications to all client contacts with support access
  • Send ticket notifications only to contact assigned to ticket
  • Send ticket notifications only to contact assigned to ticket (does not send notifications to the main account)

Staff Notification

This option lets you select staff members who will receive notification about reply in ticket from other staff:

  • All: send reply/ticket notification to all staff members, including one who created the reply/ticket
  • Other: send notifications to other entitled staff members, but not one who created reply/ticket
  • None: do not send notification to staff members if staff create the reply/ticket

Ticket visibility for contacts

This option lets you decide if you want to enable Client contacts to view all tickets opened by their colleagues or only tickets opened by themselves. Choose between two options:

  • Yes, Client contacts can view all tickets from client profile 
  • No, Contacts can access only tickets opened by them

Reject imported emails where sender is within receiver list

Controls whether or not to reject imported emails if the sender is within receiver list.

Let clients vote for knowledgebase articles

Allows you to choose whether or not to allow your customers to vote (upvote or downvote) for your knowledgebase articles.

Reply to public ticket

This option lets you decide how HostBill should handle replies to public tickets:

  • Reject replies
  • Open new ticket
  • Bounce message

Lock ticket reply

This option allows to Lock ticket reply for other staff members when staff starts replying to ticket. The lock is removed when the admin who applied it replies or when the lock is applied for longer than an hour without any actions taken on the reply.

Remove sensitive content on ticket close

This option allows to remove sensitive content (ticket replies marked as sensitive) on ticket close. 

Only logged in clients can view tickets 

Depending on department settings users with a link to the ticket containing hash can view the ticket without being logged in. You can enable this option if you want only logged in customers to be able to view the tickets, regardless of the department settings.

Order of replies in UI

You can choose the order of replies:

  • Oldest at the top
  • Newest at the top

Post-reply UI behaviour

Option allows to set where to redirect the user after sending a reply in a ticket:

  • Return to ticket listing
  • Return back to replied ticket

Ambiguous ticket author action

This option allows to decide how to handle messages from a guest accounts (a contact that is assigned to multiple accounts). There are two options available:

  • Bounce messages coming from contacts assigned to multiple accounts
  • Import such messages as internal for staff to decide

Imported tickets notifications

This option allows to decide how to handle imported ticket notifications. There are two options available:

  • Notify all contacts with Receive email notifications permission and from to and cc fields of incoming mails
  • Notify only contacts addressed in to and cc fields of incoming mails

Email reply delimiter

Text entered here will be automatically added at the top of each ticket/reply notification. Everything below it will be removed from imported email response. Leave blank to disable, use {$lang.replydelimiter} for built-in delimiter.