Link actions in HostBill

Often you may find yourself in situation where you wish to provide link to certain part of your HostBill, that once visited will allow for some custom action. It's surely possible in HostBill!

Previewing clientarea template

If you're working on clientarea theme modification under your custom folder, you may want to preview it before making it default, so your stable customer experience wont be affected by changes made. To preview add systemtemplate=template_folder param to your url, where template_folder is name of folder you keep your custom template in like:

Note: You need to be logged in as administrator to do this.

Previewing cart template

It you want to see how your cart would look like under another template, add carttpl=TPL_NAME&ctype=TYPE parameters to your URL, where TPL_NAME is cart template name without the type prefix and TYPE is that template prefix name, for example to preview your cart using 'onestep_simple.tpl' template you would have to add "carttpl=simple&ctype=onestep" to your URL like: 

In HostBill you can provide links to direct product purchase - even for hidden products! Direct cart links can be found in each product configuration, as described in Products & Services

If you wish to provide more complex cart configurations with simple single URL, you can simply generate it with Direct Cart Link plugin.

Changing language in URL

If you run multilingual website you may want to have different order/clientarea link for each language you use - its surely possible with HostBill: Languages: Change language in URL

Change currency in URL

Learn how to change currency in URL for multi-currency orders: Currency: Change Currency in URL