Installing FreeRadius


This short tutorial will guide you how to Install FreeRadius + mysql support on Centos 6.2 x64. An ideal base to use with HostBill FreeRadius module.

For other OS/versions/architectures the installation process is very similar.

Install packages

Login to your server/vps shell, execute the following commands:

This will install latest stable freeRADIUS server

Create Database

First you need to start mysql server, do so using:

Next, login into mysql as root using command:

In mysql console create new database for freeradius

You need to create new user for freeradius db.

Note: If your HostBill resides on different server you need to add remote access, do so using:

Now it's time to create required tables. Exit mysql console, and type in:

Enabling sql support in FreeRADIUS

Edit file:

Under #Connection info update your db details:

Edit file:

Uncomment this line:

Edit file:

Uncomment this line:

under sections:

Ucomment sql line in /etc/raddb/sites-available/inner-tunnel under authorize {

Edit secret word.

Go to file

and edit secret to new value.