Importing current Vmware VMs into HostBill

This method is deprecated

While its still possible to import manually, we recommend automated import method using built-in Importing from control panel tool

If you have number of VMs on your vSphere/ESxi already and you wish to let your customers manage them under HostBill.

To do so:

  1. Setup your VMware app connection, VMware product (as described in parent article)
  2. Make sure you have client account you wish to assign VM to in HostBill already (or register through Clients→Register new client)
  3. Add new order for this client through Orders → Create order:

    1. Select customer you wish to assign VM to
    2. Select product to assign VM under (defined in step 1)
    3. Generate order from draft
  4. At this stage you will have account added in pending state in HostBill.
  5. Find out VM UUID in vSphere you wish to import.
  6. Fill in UUID in Accounts section in HostBill, for a pending account just created:
    1. Enter UUID from vSphere
    2. Set account state to "Active"
    3. Save Changes