CPanel CPU Suspend

Installation & configuration instructions:

Latest files that require to be added to cPanel ( and are located in /includes/modules/Other/cpanel_cpu_suspend directory of your HostBill installation


  • login as root to ssh
  • file copy to /scripts directory
  • file copy to /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel directory
  • execute command:
chmod a+x /scripts/ 
  • add following crontab line: (crontab -e)
  */2 * * * * /usr/bin/perl /scripts/
  • you can edit threshold for account suspension and warning ticket in file by editing %defconfig hash values. By default ticket notification value is set to 20% of CPU usage, so for testing purposes please set it to lower level.


 HostBill addon settings decide whether account should be suspended or warned, regardless of local threshold setting


  • proceed to Plugins section in your HostBill
  • activate Plugin Cpanel_cpu_suspend
  • under Extras menu new item will show up - cPanel: CPU overusage protect - use it to set your plugin configuration
  • You will see list of your cPanel servers - you can check whether module is in place, check servers you wish to monitor (with module in place)


If test function fails, try connecting to App using reseller, not root account

  • You can pick predefined reply that will be used as ticket message for clients that should be warned.
  • Administrators that normally receives cronRun results will also receive module log - if any account would require taking action, or action was taken, they will be notified.

For testing purposes use just ticket notification option, without auto suspension option on.