cPanel: Adding custom metrics to count for reseller use of packages


By default cPanel module for HostBill exposes "Reseller accounts" metered billing / metric variable, which can be used to bill for total number of account's reseller creates.

Since 2023-02-13 release module adds capability of defining own per-package metrics. Example:  you can create metric which will count total number of packages reseller (his clients) created using package "default" 

Adding json file for metrics storage

  1. Create new json file in includes/modules/Hosting/cpanel2/custommetrics directory
  2. Copy contents of includes/modules/Hosting/cpanel2/custommetrics/sample.json to your custom file to be used 
  3. Update file contents to match your list of packages in cPanel installs
    1. Ensure your variable names (keys in json structure) are prefixed with "reselleraccounts_"
    2. If your cPanel package is named ie: "large", key should be: "reselleraccounts_large"

includes/modules/Hosting/cpanel2/custommetrics/sample.json file:

    "name": "Reseller accounts default",
    "unit": "accounts",
    "description": "Count of reseller owned accounts using default package."
    "name": "Reseller accounts small",
    "unit": "accounts",
    "description": "Count of reseller owned accounts using small package."

Result of custom json metrics

When json file is valid, metrics from it will become available to be used in all products using cPanel2 module. Metrics/variables below were generated out of includes/modules/Hosting/cpanel2/custommetrics/sample.json file