ClickSend Email


ClickSend is a global cloud-based service that lets you send and receive SMS, Email, Voice, Fax and Letters worldwide. HostBill integration allows you to send transactional emails, triggered by certain user action such as: account confirmation, order receipt, password reset etc. using ClickSend. ClickSend transactional email service provides high performance and industry leading deliverability, making sure the crucial business information is delivered to your customers in a timely manner.

Activating the module

  1. This plugin is free and available to all HostBill users (provided you're using the latest version)
  2. Once you download the plugin extract it in the main HostBill directory.
  3. Go to Settings → Modules, find and activate ClickSendCom_eMail plugin.
  4. Once the plugin is activated you will be directed to Settings→ Modules→ Plugins to configure the plugin.

Module configuration

Fill in the configuration fields:

  1. API Username
  2. API Key

Obtaining API information

  1. Log in to your ClickSend account 
  2. Go to the Developers → API Credentials tab
  3. Add new Subaccount
  4. Complete the necessary fields and select permission: Access Email
  5. Copy API Username and API Key to HostBill
  6. Go to the Transactional Email → Settings tab
  7. Add new From Address
  8. Send verification messages for all email addresses added
  9. Verify addresses by clicking on the link received in the email

If you use the API Credentials from the main account (not subaccount), leave selected permission: Modify Users, Access Reporting, Access Settingsm, Access Billing, Access Email