Elastic IPs

Amazon assigns default public IP randomly with each instance reboot. If customers want fixed public IP addresses with their EC2 instances they can easily apply new Elastic IP to their Instances by going to Services → [Amazon EC2 service] → [VM to add elastic IP]. Using button "Add elastic IP" new IP address will be assigned to this VM. Customer can later choose to unassign Elastic IP from Instance by clicking on cross icon next to Elastic IP on client area VM details dashboard. Every hour HostBill will connect to Amazon to fetch Elastic IP usage for each account and bill customer for it. Customer can track elastic IPs usage in Billing tab in the related service Client area. Elastic IP use will be recorded as hourly use - ie Elastic IP used for 2 hour for virtual machine named "testvirtualmachine" will record as 2hrs of elastic IP usage and appear as such on next recurring invoice for this service.

How to set price per elastic IP

In admin portal go to Extras → Cloud Flavor Manager, Create new flavor that is hidden (Disabled), set hourly price for it. In Instance Type (size) type in "elastic.ip"

Reduce EC2 costs - remove unused IPs

Amazon charges for Elastic IPs no matter if assigned to the instance or not. Since your customers can enable/disable Elastic IPs as they want, you need to keep track of your Elastic IPs usage.

HostBill Amazon EC2 module will connect periodically to all your HostBill-configured EC2 regions to remove unused Elastic IPs - simple tool to keep your costs in control.