Info Pages

You can find this section in HostBill Admin →  Extras → Info pages

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In the Info Pages section you can add some permanent information that is displayed on the main page in Client area. The info page can include Terms of service, About Us, Privacy Policy, etc.

List Info pages

Info Pages section lists all previously created info pages. It displays page title and url.

How info pages appear in client area

The way how info pages display in client area depends on client area template. Default template will list them under main menu when viewing main page. Templates with side navigation tend to add them as last navigation group.

Add new Info Page

To create new info page simply click on Add new Info Page button and provide: 

  • Page title - title to be displayed in client and admin area.
  • Visible - un-check if you do not want this page to be available in client area, can be changed later.
  • Content - page html content, you can use html editor to quickly setup your page.