Ticket Views

You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Support Tickets → Ticket Views.

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With HostBill you can setup multiple departments and each department can have different listing in ticket section. Reason behind this feature is that if you  support different range of product and services then you should have system to support different range of customer support. Custom ticket view section allows you to select which tickets should be listed and how you want them to be presented to you. This feature also enables individual staff members to define their custom ticket listing, select auto-search and ticket filter criteria, columns and column order displayed in view. Each admin can define their private views (displayed only for them), or public (displayed for all support staff members).

Ticket views can be especially useful if:

  • You are using mobile phone and want to catch up with your tickets on train? Define mobile view to display only your tickets and ticket subjects/status (you don’t need anything else on small smartphone screen) – one click away and you can see only what you need.
  • You are using ticket tags & search terms to sort special groups of tickets – define view and have them one click away from you..
  • You do certain search term repeatadly. Now while entering new filter details you can store it as view with one click.

Create custom ticket view

To create a new ticket view simply click on Create view button. You will need to provide:

  • Name - for that view
  • Audience - private or public
  • Departments - select departments to which the view should apply
  • Select columns to include in the view. You can choose from: Client, ticket number, ticket subject, ticket notes, ticket tags, last replier, last reply, ticket ID, date, department, email, ticket status, ticket priority, IP address, assigned to, number of replier, ticket type and number - subject.
  • Choose the priority levels you want to be displayed (low, medium, high, critical)
  • Choose the request types you want to be displayed (General, Problem, Incident, Task, Question)
  • Choose the ticket statuses you want to be displayed
  • Tick if you want to display only Unread tickets
  • Tick if you want to display only Unassigned tickets

You can also use the filters in Ticket View:

  • Message
  • Name
  • Email
  • Subject
  • Senderip
  • Tags