Braintree Vault Token


BrainTree Vault Token gateway uses Braintree vault to store client profiles and saves only a token reference in your database.

Activating the module

In order to activate the module login to your HostBill admin panel, go to Settings → Modules → Payment Modules, choose BrainTree Token gateway and click Activate.  

Module configuration

Once the payment gateway is activated you need to configure it. 
Please see external articles on how to setup:

Then proceed to filling in all other configuration fields:

  1. Merchant ID
  2. Public Key
  3. Private Key
  4. Currency
  5. Account ID

For this gateway you can also:

  1. Enable 3D Secure
  2. Enable Sandbox

All required information can be obtained once you login to your Braintree Merchant Panel.


Question: I've enabled the module but it does not display in my client portal.
Answer: This module does not support the currency you attempt to display it in, please use background currency conversion.