Lookup Settings

You can find this section in HostBill Admin Area → Settings → General settings → Domain Settings → Lookup Settings.

Table of contents


This section allows to manage domain settings: edit TLDs lookup settings, choose the engine and test the settings for each TLD.

TLS Settings

Default Settings

In this section you can edit TLD's default settings:

  • Name - domain extension name
  • Availability engine - you can choose the engine between:
    • Core: Whois, based on WHOIS protocol - port 43 needs to be open on firewall for this to work
    • Core: DNS, faster than above, based on DNS queries, port 53 needs to be open on firewall
    • Engines provided by active domain registrar modules
  • WHOIS engine - you can choose the engine delivering WHOIS data to be displayed in client and admin panels. 
  • Minimum length - minimum length for domain name, excluding extension. Length is taken from unicode name, making "ë" name 1 character long.
  • Maximum length - maximum length for domain name, excluding extension. Length is taken from idn name, making "ë" name 7 character long (xn--nea).
  • IDN Format - format sent to server:
    • Unicode
    • Punycode 

Core Availability check settings

  • Domain availability check - Server host / Query URLFor whois server use hostnames eg. whois.crsnic.net:43, port is optional if its custom.
    For http service use full url, you can use variables eg. https://api.example.com/?domain={$domain}
    • You can also tick the box to Send lookup query without tld extension
  • Test string - string to match when testing whois response, case insensitive. You may use variables.
    • You can tick the box to do the Exact match, test string has to match whole whois response.
  • Availability test - Return status when test string matches whois output:
    • Available if test string found
    • Unavailable if test string found

Test your settings

This tool allows to test TLDs settings - check status for registration and Whois output.

Core WHOIS query settings

  • Domain whois data - Server host / Query URLWhois service address, used to pull whois data that can be displayed to client, for whois server use hostnames eg.whois.crsnic.net:43, port is optional if its custom. For http service use full url, you can use variables eg. https://api.example.com/?domain={$domain}. 
  • You can also choose to:
    • Send whois query without tld extension
    • Send custom request
  • Cache Time - controls how long local cache can be re-used before queering whois service for new record. Setting this to higher value may help with rate limits.

Available variables:

  • {$domain} replaced with searched domain name eg. example.com,
  • {$name} replaced with searched name eg. example,
  • {$tld} replaced with TLD extension eg. com,
  • {$host} replaced with current hostname eg. clients.hostbillapp.com
  • {$clientip} replaced with client IP eg.

Bulk update Lookup Engine

This option allows to update TLDs in bulk to use selected Lookup Engine.

Bulk update Whois Engine

This option allows to update TLDs in bulk to use selected Whois Engine.