You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Settings → General Settings → Ordering.


HostBill covers all aspects of eCommerce website, giving you multiple options to configure your ordering process to be smooth and seamless for your customers.

Available options

Multi-item Cart

With HostBill you have the opportunity to choose the shopping cart model that best suits your business needs. With multi-item cart you allow your customers to build multi-item orders (this way you can sell more at once). Optionally you can stick to single-item cart, which is the fastest way to get the client from selecting the product to checkout.

Choose the multi-item cart option:

  • Enable - allow more than one service in cart
  • Disable - only one service in cart

Redirection after order 

This option controls which page will be displayed after the client successfully submits new order. You can choose one of the following options:

  • Redirect the user to the invoice - user will be taken to the newly generated invoice
  • Redirect the user to the gateway - user will be taken to payment gateway page (this may vary between modules, some may instantly capture payment and redirect to order completed page)
  • Show the order completed page - default page that displays order information.

If ordered service is free, HostBill will use 'order completed page'.

Out of stock products

Here you can decide whether or not HostBill should display out of stock products. You can choose to:

  • Hide - do not show products that are out of stock in order pages
  • Show - show out of stock products, without the ability to order them

Access order pages

Here you can decide when clients can list and access order pages. You can choose to:

  • Allowto access and view portfolio for all visitors
  • Require login/signupbefore accessing order pages
  • Require login/signupbefore listing & accessing available order pages

Estimate public access

This option lets you enable/disable estimate public access and decide who can view the estimate. Available options include:

  • (Public access Enabled) - anyone with valid link can view estimate
  • (Public access Disabled) - require login before viewing estimate

Default Billing Cycle

In this option you can choose the default billing cycle:

  • Hourly
  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annually
  • Annually
  • Biennially

Default Payment Gateway

In this option you can choose the default payment gateway from the ones that you have activated (in Extras → Plugins → Payment Gateways)

Billing cycles display

This setting can be used to customize options for billing cycle dropdowns in the client area cart. 

Variables that can be used to create custom format:

  • {$price} - Recuring amount
  • {$setup} - Setup fee amount
  • {$cycle} - Cycle code
  • {$cycle_name} - Translated cycle name
  • {$price_line} - Recuring amount with cycle name
  • {$setup_line} - Setup Fee with translated {$lang.setupfee} keyword
  • {$free_tld} - Info about free tld offer. Uses {$lang.freedomain} keyword
  • {$cycle_rate} - Recuring price converted to shortest cycle available for product
  • {$cycle_rate_name} - Translated shortest cycle name
  • {$cycle_discount} - estimated % discount calculated from lowest item cycle.  Uses {$lang.cycle_discount} keyword

Domain period display

This setting can be used to customize options for domain period dropdowns in the client area cart. 

Variables that can be used to create custom format:

  • {$price} - Registration / transfer fee
  • {$renew} - Recuring amount
  • {$cycle} - Period in years
  • {$cycle_name} - Translated cycle name
  • {$price_monthly} - Registration / transfer fee converted to monthly price
  • {$renew_monthly} - Recuring amount concerted to monthly price
  • {$cycle_discount} - estimated % discount for registration/transfer fee calculated from shortest period.  Uses {$lang.cycle_discount} keyword

Service statuses for limit calculation

HostBill provides you with the opportunity to define how many certain products/services one customer is allowed to buy. With this feature you can select which service statuses contribute to usage calculation.

Key size to generate CSR

You can choose the key size from the dropdown menu.

Direct-cart links for hidden products

  • Unprotected direct cart links contains just product id (default)
  • Protected direct cart links will contain unique hash, which will protect hidden products from iterating by ID and to prevent from ordering it without authorization.