Domain suggestions

You can find this section in HostBill Admin Area → Settings → General settings → Domain Settings → Domain Suggestions.

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This section allows to enable domain suggestion tool and configure its settings. Domain suggestions are based on domain registrars API. The tool will check for availability and provide clients with smart domain suggestions based on their initial search.

For domain suggestions to work properly you need to choose the domain module that support this feature. Currently this feature is supported by modules: 

  • RRPProxy
  • Realtime Register
  • Enom
  • OpenSRS
  • ResellerClub
  • ResellerID
  • NetearthOne

Enable domain suggestions

This option allows to you enable domain suggestions. You can:

  • Show domain suggestions returned by suggeston engine selected below
  • Do not show domain suggesttions

Suggested engine

This option lets you choose the suggestion engine

Max suggested names per search

This option lets you define maximum number of suggested names per search.

Include adult results

This option lets you decide whether or not to include adult results. Please note that not all suggestion engines support this option.

Limit results to following TLDs

Choose the TLDs that should be displayed in results. If nothing is selected the results will contain all suggestions from suggestion engine