Notify Clients

You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Clients → Notify Clients

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In HostBill you can contact your clients either via a support ticket, email, text message or mobile notification or via a notification in their client area. Notify Client section in HostBill allows you to create notifications manually, but in HostBill you can also set automated notifications about events important for your clients.

Send Email

Send Email option allows you to send an email notification to one or multiple clients at once. Portal Notify section allows you to create manual, usually one-time email notifications (to set automated email notifications upon certain events go to Settings → Email Templates). You can either compose a completely new message or use previously created email template.

When creating new email enter:

  • Send using - choose either the default mail sender or one of your previously defined Additional mail senders
  • To - you can Search for clients -  allows you to browse clients using "Country", "Service" and "Server" filters - HostBill will automatically fetch related clients. 
  • Subject
  • Body

Options available when creating new email notifications:

  • Save as email template - with this option on, the newly created message will be added to the email templates list
  • HTML - with this option you can use HTML tags in your messages to clients
  • Add portal notification - will automatically created a notification in client area for related clients
  • Use variables - allows you to use variables in email body. The list of available variables will be displayed below the email body.

You can also add multiple attachments to the email, in .jpg, .gif and .zip extensions.

Portal Notify

Portal notification is a notification displayed directly in client area dashboard. Portal notification can be send to one or multiple clients. Portal Notify section allows you to create manual, usually one-time notifications. To set automated portal notifications upon certain events go to Settings → Email Templates.

When creating new portal notification you can use "search clients" feature - browse your customers by their country, services and servers they are using.

Mobile Notification

Note! For this feature to work you need to have at least one or more mobile notification modules activated and you need to enable mobile notifications in HostBill Admin → Extras → Mobile Notifications. Only then you will be able to create a mobile notification (via a text message or a push notification, depending on the module used).

The notification can be sent to one or multiple clients at once - you can use filters (country, related service and server) to search for clients. You can compose a new message or use one of the pre-made templates. The newly created message can also be saved as a template. You can also use variables in message - the list of available variables will be displayed below the message body. The notification can be sent using all active modules (modules that you had perviously activated and configured) or using specific module/s only.

Create Ticket

With this feature you can create a new support ticket for one or multiple clients.