Client Contacts

You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Clients → Manage Clients → Client Profile → Contacts.

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Client contacts are profiles of your customer staff members. Client contacts are connected to the main client profile and usually have limited set of permissions.

Add new Client contact

To add Customer contact navigate to Client profile, click the Contacts tab and Add contact button on the right. You will be presented with the registration form (same as for regular client profile registration).

Optionally, you can choose to notify client when a new client contact is added.

Client contact permissions

Client contact privileges section defines access to client area sections that this contact will have. The set of privileges can be defined during contact creation or can be edited afterwards. Availability of contact permissions also depend on client permissions.


  • Receive billing notifications
  • Accept order contracts
  • Edit Credit Card details
  • Allow to view/pay invoices
  • View current balance
  • View/Accept estimates
  • Place new orders
  • Add funds


  • Open new tickets
  • Receive email notifications
  • View current tickets
  • Close tickets


  • Modify main profile details
  • Manage SSH Keys
  • Full control over services
  • View emails history
  • Add/edit contacts
  • Full control over domains
  • Edit allowed IP Address
  • Access affiliates section

Disable access to following departments - here clients can manage department access for their contacts. If a certain contact is allowed to open new tickets, clients can disable access to selected departments.

Permissions can also be granted on per-service level, depending on client functions that are available and enabled for given service.

Client contact management overview: