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You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Settings → Products & Services → Your order page → Your product → Components → Domains

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With HostBill you can offer domains and subdomains along with your hosting products. You can choose if you want the domains to be free or paid addons. You can offer domains that are available in your stock or you can allow clients to use their own domains. 

Available options


You can choose to Require hostname during client signup. With this option enabled your customers will be required to enter hostname during this product signup.

You can bulk update your products to require hostname in given category by running this query (replace CATEGORY_ID with actual category ID taken from admin category listing page URL):

UPDATE hb_products SET domain_options=1, hostname=1 WHERE category_id = CATEGORY_ID

You can also choose if you want to validate provided hostname:

  • check if provided hostname is valid DNS name
  • check if provided hostname is valid domain name (
  • check if provided hostname is valid FQDN (

Auto-generate hostname

With this option enabled HostBill will automatically generate the hostname for the client, using a pre-defined template. The pattern for the hostname can be configured using following variables: 

  • {$account_id} related account id
  • {$client_id} related client id
  • {$username} unique, random username

Offer domains with your products

If you Enable domain options you will be able to offer domain registration/transfer along with your products. Once you enable this option you will see a list of all your order categories offering domain names to choose from. Before you can start selling domain names you need to create at least one order page that offers domain registration or transfers.

Allow using own domain

With this option enabled your clients will be able to enter their own domain name for their order. You can also choose the option to allow using own domain Only if domain was/will be registered with you.

Offer sub-domain with your products

Enabling this will add additional option in your cart domain selection section, allowing your customers to choose free sub-domain name.

Offer free domain with your products

This option allows you to offer one ore more TLDs for free when ordering this product, you can set this to be available for all or only some billing cycles.

Available options:

  • Match free domain period with hosting cycle -  In this case, if changing from annually to biennally will also change domain period to 2 years (when possible)
  • Free domain renewal - when enabled free domain will also be free to renew, until the service is terminated