Configuring Client Functions

You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Settings → Products & Services → Your order page → Your product → Client Functions

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Client Function section is where you can control what features customer will have access to in the client portal, by clicking Enable/Disable next to the given option. You can use Edit button to adjust function appearance in the client portal.

Generic Client Functions

Client Functions availability can differ depending on the product type and module connected. In most of the modules you can enable following client functions:

  • Change Billing Cycle - allow customer to manually change (upgrade) recurring billing cycle. 
  • Change Label - allow customer to change service label from service details page.
  • Change Ownership - allow customer to move given service to different user (owner) registered in your system, by providing their email address.
  • Login Details - display client login credentials.
  • Reset Password - allow customer to reset service password
  • Manual Service Renew - allow your customer to manually renew (issue invoice) sooner for service. Note that once customer issues invoice by himself, it will change service due date accordingly.
  • Service Auto Renewal - allow your customer to control if the service will automatically generate renewal invoices. This option is available only for regular billing model, prepay type.
  • Related Services - lists services that are related to current one for your client in client portal. 
  • Edit Forms - allow customer to edit Components::Forms, input elements (that allows it in their configuration).
  • Contracts - allow customer to display related contracts
  • Service Notesallow customer to see the notes added by the admins to the account and marked as "Client viewable".
  • Status Updatesallow customer to display status details
  • Service Auto Paymentallow customer to change payment method for services and enable automatic payments for renwal invoices.
  • Quota Usageallow customer to display quota usage for the metrics marked with Show client tag in Quotas configuration.
  • Manage IPallow customer to manage IPs assigned to them.
  • Reverse DNSallow customer to manage their reverse DNS records.
  • Access Webmailallow customer to login into Webmail from client area with one mouse-click.
  • Access Control Panelallow customer to login into Control Panel from client area with one mouse-click.
  • Metered Billing Detailsallow customer to display metered billing history in client area.
  • Graphs - Display graphs in client area assigned to the account from graphing app (ie. Observium, Cacti).
  • Direct Link - using this function you can add custom links in client service details.