You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Settings → Addons

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HostBill allows you to offer independently billable extras with your products, with individual email notifications and automation settings. They can be assigned to your products to make them more attractive for your customers. There are two kind of addons, simple addons that can be created from admin area, and more complex ones that are bundled with hosting modules. The Product Addons section allows you to create, remove, edit and duplicate addons.

Create new addon

Creating new addon is similar to creating new products. Click on "Create new addon" button and you will be redirected to configuration page. Provide a name for the addon, optionally you can add the description that will be displayed in client area cart and set-up the pricing. The addon can be free or paid, charged either one-off or on recurring basis with different billing cycles. Addons are billed separately.

Hide addon

Any time you want you can choose to hide the addon temporarily. To restore the addon simply tick the "Visible" box.

Unique addon

You can choose the Make this addon unique. If enabled your clients will not be able to order this addon twice for the same account.

Prorata billing

You can enable this option if you want to charge accounts with this addon on specific date.

Addon automation settings

Under the automation tab you can set which actions and under what condition will be performed automatically by HostBill.

  • Auto-create - option to auto provision resources for this account, if you wish to enable this you will have to choose when this action should be performed: w or a
  • Automatic Suspension - option to suspend addons that have due payments
  • Automatic Unsuspension - option to unsuspend addons after receiving payment
  • Automatic Termination - option to terminate addons that have due payments
  • Generate invoices - controls when invoices for the addon are generated
  • Send payment reminder emails - option to send out reminder for unpaid and overdue invoices
  • Add Late Fee - option to add fees to invoice if there is no payment. You can set when the late fee is applied and what the late fee value is (fixed amount or percentage).

Addon emails

Under Emails tab you can define which email templates are used when this addon is provisioned.

There are four notifications option that can be assigned with template.

  • Addon Activated - initial email, sent when addon is created.
  • Addon Suspended - sent when addon gets suspended
  • Addon Unsuspension - sent when addon gets unsuspended
  • Addon terminated - sent when addon is terminated