Importing TLDs prices

You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Extras → Import Services → Import TLD prices

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HostBill allows to automatically import TLD prices from domain registrar and update pricing in your domain names offerings. This way, thanks to the import tool you can save a lot of time and effort! What is more, you can set the profit margin (fixed amount or percentage) individually for registration, renewal, transfer and redemption. The update can be done automatically or manually.

Import Profile

To be able to import TLD pricing first you need to create an import profile. Import profile is automatically executed by cron, allowing your TLD prices to be up-to-date with registry price changes. To create a new profile click on "Add new profile button". Import profiles are configured according to the following features:

  • Name - required name of the profile
  • Description - optional description for the profile
  • Status - Active / Inactive - 
  • Select app - choose the domain registrar that the prices should be imported from (Please note that not all domain registrars available in HostBill support this feature)
  • Default margin - enter the margin that you want to apply to the imported pricing. The margin can be either a fixed amount or a percentage and can be set individually for domain registration, renewal, transfer and redemption
  • Default product - one of the TLDs that will act as a “source of data” for all items that import can’t automatically determine, such as automation settings, nameservers etc.

Import TLD pricing features

Auto update TLDs pricing 

If enabled, CRON will periodically pull price changes and update related tlds automatically. Optionally you can use “Update prices with current profile now” button to do so manually at any given time.

Fill missing TLDs

When selected all new TLDs that are not in your offer will be imported from App. Default product will be used as a template for imported TLD.

Update missing periods

If the registry does not return registration periods that you currently offer, their prices can be auto-updated based on minimal prices.

Override margin / settings per TLD

The settings configured in the Import Profile can be overriden per TLD:

  • TLD - from the dropdown list choose the TLD you want to override the settings/margin for
  • Overwrite protect - when enabled, you prices set for this TLD in Product Configuration will not be overwritten
  • Override margin - when enabled, this particular TLD will have its own margins, different from profile. The margin can be set either as a fixed amount or a percentage and can be set individually for domain registration, renewal, transfer and redemption