Domain settings: Other

You can find this section in HostBill Admin Area → Settings → General settings → Domain Settings → Other.

Table of contents


This section allows to manage settings for client interface.

Client area layout

This option allows to decide how client area will look like. Please note that this option works only on latest HostBill themes and may be overriden by provisioning module theme. Here you can decide where the client area widgets will appear:

  • Left menu
  • Right menu
  • Top menu

Cancellation requests

This option lets you decide whether or not to allow clients to file cancellation requests for domains.

Client domain notifications

This option lets you decide how client should receive notifications about domains:

  • single notification - customer will receive separate emails about each domain
  • bulk notifications - customer will receive max 1 email a day for all his domains

Grant access to domain contacts

Controls if HostBill should:

  • add domain management privileges to contacts used for registration or transfer. 
  • not add domain access privileges to domain contacts.

Notify domain contacts

Controls if HostBill should:

  • send sign-up email to contacts created for domain registration or transfer. 
  • not send welcome email to new domain contacts.

Block hosting creation

You can block hosting creation if there is no related domain or the related domain is still Pending.

Staff domain notifications

Controls how staff should receive notifications:

  • all - staff will receive all domain automation notifications
  • failed only - staff will receive only failed domain automation notifications