DNS Templates

You can find this section in HostBill Admin Area → Settings → General settings → DNS Settings→ DNS Templates.

Table of contents


This section allows to create custom, re-usable DNS records that your clients can use with DNS packages.

Add new DNS template

Click on "Add new template" button and enter:

  • Template Name
  • TTL
  • Priority
  • Type - choose from the drop down list
  • Content

Additional options:

  • DNS Template can be made Private - when this box is checked, DNS Template will not be visible in client area unless it is assigned to the DNS product that the client is using or is assigned to the client. When this option is unchecked, the template is visible in client area for everyone.
  • Show in Domain DNS - When enabled, this template will appear in DNS Management client widget, for use with Registry nameservers
  • Replace MX/SRV/TXT - When enabled, during applying template all existing SRV/MX/TXT records will be removed from zone first

  • {domain} used in entries will be replaced with client's domain name. 
  • {ip} used in entries will be replaced with dns server ip, or client account ip if used with DomainDNS plugin
  • {ipv4} completed in case when {ip} is type v4 
  • {ipv6} completed in case when {ip} is type v6
  • {hostname} used in entries will be replaced with dns server hostname
  • {tld} used in entries will be replaced with domain's tld

Manage assignments

A DNS Zone can be assigned to clients/products. It can be done via Manage Assignments button. The number next to the button lists current assignments.

DNS templates can be sorted by drag'n'drop to arrange them in any order you want.