Service DNS Automation

You can find this section in HostBill Admin Area → Settings → General settings → DNS Settings→ Service DNS Automation.

Table of contents


This section allows to manage Service DNS automation settings. 

DNS automation rules

Apply DNS automation rules

This option allows to decide when to apply DNS automaton rules:

Create new DNS Automation rule

To add new DNS automation rule click on the green "New DNS automation rule" button and enter:

  • Automation name
  • Automation description
  • Products - select products for which zone should be created upon account creation
  • DNS Service package - this package will be added to customer account (if it does not already exist) and zone will be created in it
  • Default IP - if HostBill will be unable to determine what IP to use when creating zone/A records, it will use this one
  • DNS Template - if selected, it will be applied on newly created zone
  • Optionally, you can also choose to Remove zone on terminate