GDPR Details Request


The GDPR gives the individuals the right to access, which means the individuals will have the right to to obtain the confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning them is being processed, where and for what purpose and to receive a copy of the personal data, free of charge, in an electronic format.

Admin can receive requests to provide the personal data of both current and former customers (who don't have the ability to access the client portal any longer and whose data has been anonymizated)

GDPR Details Request

The admin can access GDPR Details Request from Admin UI → Client details → More actions → GDPR Details Request.

To obtain the details admin must provide the requester information and the purpose.

Given information are stored in the database along with the admin info:

  • ID
  • date
  • requester
  • admin
  • purpose

HostBill will then generate a PDF report with client data, based on the pre-configured template. The template will contain client data (same as in Client overview) and any additional information the admin wants to include (such as company details etc.).

The templated used for generating this document can be customised in Admin UI → Settings → General Settings → Other → GDPR