Admin portal

You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Settings → General Settings → Other → Admin Portal


HostBill Admin Area provides you with at-a-glance view on all crucial information, such as system information, recent orders, tickets, domain activity and much more. The admin dashboard can be easily customized and reorganized, depending on your personal preferences. You can also easily add various widgets to help you better organize your work.

Available options

Admin Area template

HostBill comes with a customizable admin area template. You can make a copy of 'default' admin are template folder, edit the files and change the admin area template to the customized one.

Provide url to your logo.

Path to favicon

Provide url to your favicon.

Custom admin title

Custom admin title is displayed at the top of the browser. This option is useful if you have multiple HostBill installations (for different brands) and are working on them simultaneously. This will help you to easily distinguish which HostBill Installation you're currently working within.

Document Editor preference

This feature lets you switch document editors between WYSIWYG and source code. This will result how document templates in Settings → Billing → Document templates can be customized. The default document editor is source code editor.

Email template editor preference

This feature lets you switch email templates editors between WYSIWYG and source code. This will result how Email Templates can be customized. 

Income Forecast for Suspended accounts

HostBill displays income forecast on your admin area homescreen. Choose if you want the forecast to include data for suspended accounts.

Block Re-Creation of terminated accounts

This option allows to decide whether or not to Block Re-Creation of terminated accounts. If this option is enabled, once the account is terminated the admin will not be able to re-create the account.

Enable spellcheck

By default browser spellcheck is disabled in admin portal for security. Enabling spellcheck will allow spellchecks in a few textarea fields (eg support tickets)

Notify admin if client has debt

You have two options available if client who places an order has a debt:

  • do not inform admin about the debt

  • show the notification on the order draft page if a customer has unpaid invoices over X days

Smart search settings

Smart Search feature in HostBill provides efficient search through your HostBill installation. It searches within tickets, invoices, accounts, domains, orders, clients matching to you query.

Search in ticket messages

You can enable searching in ticket messages as well, but please note that this may slow down the search on large databases.

Results per category

Number of search results displayed per category.

Default admin language

You can select the default admin language. This option is visible only if more than one admin language is enabled.