Ticket Departments - Notification

You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Support → Ticket Departments → Notification

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Notification section enables to choose how your outgoing notifications should be handled by given support department. 

Notification settings

In the From Name field choose if you want to use Company Name and Department name for notifications or enter custom name.

Email Notifications

From available options you can choose how HostBill should sent out email notifications:

  • Default mail sender - you can use your HostBill main email for sending email to your clients set in Settings → General Settings → Email.
  • Additional mail senders - you can use one of the predefined Additional mail sender
  • Transactional email - sent using one of the transactional email modules (you need to activate one first)
  • PHP mail() - relying on valid server mail function installed. Here, you need to type in an email address for the department and then it is advisable to sent a test message.
  • SMTP -  you can set your department to use its own SMTP settings
    • Hostname: Leave as localhost unless you're using an external mail server. Otherwise enter the hostname of the mail server you'll be using.
    • Port25: SMTP 465: SMTP SSL 487: SMTP TLS
    • Username: This is the email address HostBill will use to relay messages.
    • Password: This is the password given to the email HostBill will be using to relay messages.
    • Send test message: After, you have entered all details it is advisable to sent a test message.

Mobile notifications

You can enable mobile notifications using one or multiple notification modules. In this section HostBill lists only currently activated notification modules.