Quotas / Account Metrics

You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Settings → Products & Services → Your order page → Your product → Quotas

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The Account Metrics feature for HostBill was built to download resource consumption information for certain account from connected hosting module. Thanks to this feature HostBill is able to collect various resources usage information such as disk space, traffic, CPU consumption, number of users or licenses and more. The information can be used to trigger certain automation task if the usage limit gets exceeded, for example to send a message to the client or open a ticket.

The 'Quotas' tab is displayed only for modules that support Account Metrics feature. 

Configuring account metrics

Each module that supports Account Metrics feature can have a different set of account metrics. Once the product is connected to the certain module (in Connect with App tab), the available metrics will be displayed in Quotas tab. You can configure the quotas according to the following options:

  • Metrics - from the dropdown menu choose the metric to monitor
  • Name - enter the name that should be displayed in admin and client areas
  • Quota - define the quota limit
  • Show client - decide whether or not this metric should be displayed in client area
  • Trigger event - this feature controls whether or not reaching/exceeding the quota limit should trigger certain event. 

Triggering event when quota limit is exceeded

The triggers that will fire when selected quota is reached/exceeded can be defined below account metrics, by adding custom automation task (more info about custom automation tasks can be found in this article)

Each metric can have multiple limits that trigger different actions. For example, when monitoring disk space:

  • at 80% usage you can send the client the information that they are running out of disk space
  • at 90% usage you can open a support ticket to inform that if the usage exceeds the limit the account will be suspended
  • at 100% usage you can suspend the account