Instra is a company with strong presence in the domain industry, selling and promoting gTLD and ccTLD domain names and servicing customers in more than 200 countries worldwideHostBill allows you to automate Instra domain provisioning and management.

Activating the module

In order to activate the module login to your HostBill admin panel, go to Settings → Modules → Domain Modules, find and choose Instra module and click Activate. 

Module configuration

Once you activate the module you will be redirected to module configuration page. To configure the activated module you can also go to Settings → Apps → Add New App.

Fill in the configuration fields:

  • Name of the application
  • Base URL - The base URL to which you will perform queries. Base URL is provided by registrar along with API details. It is important to enter the port after the colon. Example URL: http://{$domain}:{$port}/InstraAPI/ where {$domain} is a domain and {$port} is a port.
  • Username - API Username obtained from Instra
  • Password - API Password obtained from Instra

Then proceed to adding your nameservers:

  1. Primary Nameserver
  2. Primary Nameserver IP

Use Test Configuration to check if HostBill can connect.

Click on Add New App.


To make accreditation go to Settings → Module → Domain Modules and at the Instra module, press the OTE Validation button.

Then enter the non-existent domain in the Domain field. After entering the domain, you can press the Verification button for the accreditation to take place automatically. You can also perform the accreditation manually by pressing the Unverified button at the selected point to be checked. Please note that after completing step 2.4.1 - Create Domain, wait 3 minutes before proceeding with the next steps. This is the time needed to activate the created domain. In the case of automatic verification after completing the 2.4.1 - Create Domain step, a 3-minute break will occur and after this time the accreditation will be resumed automatically.

Configuring TLD & domain prices 

Please see external article to learn how to configure TLDs and domain prices

Configuring customer domain management features

Please see external article to learn how to configure client domain management features.