Ticket Departments - SLA / Escalations

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SLA (Service Level Agreement) is an agreement you can offer to meet certain standards in your support quality. Using SLA you can create various policies to act on tickets. It can be used for example to escalate unresponded ticket to a higher priority, overdue unclosed ticket or ask to close tickets that are in unanswered state.

SLA / Escalations settings

Add SLA / Policy

To create a new policy click on “Add new policy” button and enter:

  • Policy name - for admin/logging purposes (for example: ask to close, too many client responses etc)

  • Level - where higher lever is more severe. If a ticket breaches certain level only SLA policy above this level applies.

  • Trigger - event type breaching this policy. Available options are:

    • Time since open

    • Time since last client reply

    • Time since last admin reply

    • Time since inactive
    • Time since any reply
    • Number of client replies

    • Number of staff replies

  • Trigger value - policy breaches when triggering value is higher or equal.

  • Tags

  • De-escalate - if this option is checked, escalation will be removed after staff member replies

  • Macro - here you can choose the macro that should be executed on ticket when it breaches this SLA policy

  • Statuses - only tickets with selected statuses will be checked

  • Business hours - you can choose whether the macro should be applied anytime, during business hours or outside business hours

When adding a SLA policy it will apply only to the tickets submitted after the policy was created.

If the ticket breaches the SLA policy, the breach can be deleted in the ticket view -> More Actions -> SLA: De-Escalate. If the ticket keeps breaching the SLA policy (for example when it’s opened for too long), it will be again marked as breach. If the ticket violates multiple SLA policies, only the policy with a higher Level will be checked.

Report tickets to manager

With these options you can allow your clients to report to the manager:

  • Single reply  - If the customer chooses to report the reply, the ticket gets escalated, it becomes marked as red in admin area and it will trigger the macro defined in SLA section as above.

  • Entire threads - If the customer chooses to report the ticket, the ticket gets escalated, it becomes marked as red in admin area and it will trigger the macro defined in SLA section as above.

Business hours

This option lets you define business hours for given department, which later can be used in SLA policies.