Task Queue Log

You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Extras → System Logs → Task Queue Log.

Task Queue Log

In HostBill, to improve front-end performance all long-running tasks are executed in the background queue. Those may include (but not limit to):

  • Account provisioning, terminations, suspensions, upgrades etc.
  • Domain actions - registration, transfers, renewals etc.
  • Messaging - emails, sms, mobile notifications etc.
  • Updating counters, stats, cache etc.

Task Queue Log displays information about lately performed tasks:

  • ID - the ID number assigned to the task
  • Parent
  • Queue -
  • Target - the order, account, client, product/service etc. the task was performed on
  • Description - description of the task
  • Scheduled - date and time the task was scheduled for
  • Changed - date and time when the task was completed
  • Status - states whether the task was performed successfully or if it failed
  • Info
  • Error - if HostBill encounters any problems, the information about errors will be displayed here