Message customization

You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Settings → General Settings → Mail → Message Customization

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HostBill gives you plenty of options to customize email notifications that your customers will receive from you.

Available options

Wrap plain text emails 

With this option you can create global template to encapsulate all your plain text email.

Message HTML wrapper

You can insert your html code in Message HTML wrapper text area. Remember you need to use {$message} variable inside your template for this option to work correctly.

Inline CSS

With this option enables style blocks in your email templates will be inlined before sending emails. This is required by some email clients that do not allow / parse style tag.

Email Signature

You can create system wide signature that will be appended to each email, except from support related notifications. You can use HTML - just remember that the tags will be removed when signature is added to plain text emails.