Additional currencies

You can find this section in HostBill Admin → Settings → General Settings → Currency & Tax Settings → Additional Currencies

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HostBill out of the box supports multiple currencies to help your business expand to new markets. 

Adding new currency

To add new currency simply click Add new currency button in Additional Currencies section and provide new currency details:

Suffix displayed 

Symbol or letter code used after price, e.g. 10 USD, 10 EUR.

Currency ISO code 

3-letter code from ISO 4217 table.

Currency Sign

Symbol or letter code used before price, e.g. $10, £10, ¥10.

Auto-update rate

HostBill can automatically update the additional currency rate. HostBill by default uses Google Currency for currency rates - this module is included in all HostBill editions and enabled by default.

Note`Update conversion rates` task must be enabled/added on the Settings > General Settings > Task List page.

Conversion rate

Conversion rate to your main currency.

Currency Display Format

Controls how prices are formatted in admin and client areas